A great opportunity is in store for you

How would you like the opportunity to enjoy a more rewarding lifestyle ?

The opportunity to build a successful business? To fit it around your schedule? With more independence and flexibility – more flexible work and more flexible hours?

The opportunity to work hands-on positioning major brands for growth? To do so not from an assembly line, a cubicle or a backroom doing the same thing day after day? But from the aisles of local stores, or even the homes and offices of shoppers, conducting a variety of retail jobs that make the shopping experience better, and your workday more dynamic?

Choose the work that fits you

as an Independent Contractor of Retail Merchandising, Auditing, Assembly Work and various other services for SBS

SPAR Business Services (SBS) is a leading supplier of field services to Fortune 1000 manufacturers and retailers in the U.S. We contract over 50,000 retail merchandising, auditing, installation and assembly projects per year in almost every zip code in the country, including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

We work with many of the biggest name brands and largest retailers in the world, providing retail merchandising, audits, fixture installation work, furniture assembly, inventory and price checking, mystery shopping, and much more.
What is the right fit for you?
Merchandising/audits, installation/assembly, or both? Part-time or full schedule? You choose what fits you.